New paintings at North East Art Collective

New paintings at North East Art Collective

Just over a week ago I delivered some new original paintings to the North East Art Collective Gallery in Eldon Garden in Newcastle upon Tynes Eldon Square Shopping Centre.  Three brand new ones, and three that had been to other galleries or sitting on an easel in the studio gathering dust.  

Me pulling a silly grin for the camera

Much to my surprise one was already sold before I got there, one sold within a couple of days, and one sold the very next week. 

Richard Buckley at North East Art Collective

(part of) my wall at North East Art Collective

These paintings are still available to buy:-

Jokin around - by Richard Buckley

Jokin around

Riddle me this - by Richard Buckley

Riddle me this

Catman and Mackem - by Richard Buckley

Catman and Mackem

Beam me up - by Richard Buckley

Beam me up

Resistance is Futile - by Richard Buckley

Resistance is Futile

We come in peace - by Richard Buckley

We come in peace


Contact North East Art Collective on 0191 231 2483 to view and buy.

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