Frederick Street Gallery

Frederick Street Gallery

Yesterday afternoon I volunteered to work the afternoon in the Frederick Street Gallery at The Bridges shopping centre in Sunderland.  Previously I have sat painting in the window, but yesterday was my first afternoon behind the desk.  I enjoyed myself, it was a good opportunity to do some sketching while also connecting with other people.

It's not a complicated job,  the main thing being to remember to turn everything off and lock up at the end of the day.  At times it was quiet, at other times it was quite busy.  Many people stopped in for a chat about art, some who had an interest in painting and drawing themselves, others had an appreciation of art in general.  Quite a few stopped to ask me what location a painting from local artist Graham Hodgson depicted.  I think my favourite conversation was probably with a gentleman named Stan, who told me all about his art, along with many memories and anecdotes.  It was also nice to speak to other local artists, such as Dan Siberry and Frank Styles.

Being an artist can be at times quite a solitary occupation, at least it is for me.  Many days are spent in front of the easel in a room by myself.  I've always loved the convenience of working from home, but I don't really get out as much as I would like.  I should probably attend more exhibitions. I think the last one I attended was in the May of 2018.  An exhibition and launch party for local DJ turned artist, Alfie Joey at the North East Art Collective gallery in Newcastles Eldon Garden shopping centre.

I think you're probably going to see a lot more of me at Frederick Street Gallery, and out and about generally, be it my own exhibitions, or attending other artists shows.  Come and say hello.



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