About Richard


Hello, and welcome to my website (or welcome back if you’re one of my 3 fans).  I’m Richard Buckley, an artist who you’ve probably never heard of (unless you’re one of those aforementioned 3 fans)

I was born in 1975 (yes I know, I’m wearing it well) in Sunderland. I’ve been drawing and painting since childhood, and exhibiting and selling my work since 2003.  

I’m a single dad to four kids, which takes up a lot of my time, much to the annoyance of the galleries who stock my work, as I usually keep them waiting for my latest paintings.  My children are my biggest inspiration.  All of their little adventures growing up have influenced my paintings.  My superheroes series of paintings for instance has been inspired by my children’s love of dressing up, and the many superhero costumes they owned.  Friends was inspired by their everyday play together and with favourite toys.  Adventures was inspired by activities we partook in during days out together.  Space Trek and Scary Friends are influenced by my own love of Sci-Fi and Horror movies, but with a cute family oriented twist.

Life is fun and joyful, and I hope that my paintings reflect that.