Latest Limited Edition Print - 'Pawtrait' available now

Latest Limited Edition Print - 'Pawtrait' available now


Hi everyone, I have a new Limited Edition print available.  It's called 'Pawtrait' (it was named by one of my Facebook followers - Ian Sladden - thank you Ian).  The print is available in 3 sizes:-

5 prints at a huge A1 size (total framed size 36in x 26in)

10 prints in A2 size (total framed size 26in x 20in)

and 50 mounted prints (total framed size 22.5in x 18.5in. 

The print depicts an artist hard at work painting a picture of his beloved doggy best friend.  The larger A1 and A2 sized prints are hard board mounted, hand embellished and varnished, and look very similar to an original painting.  The smaller A3 sized prints are mounted and ready for framing.

You can find the print here

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