Don't call me a Trekkie!

Don't call me a Trekkie!

But I do like painting pictures inspired by Star Trek.

Actually I don’t mind if you do call me that, but it does conjure up images of men of a certain age wearing colourful pyjamas and stick-on Vulcan ears, which I’m most certainly not.  I don’t actually mind if you think that I am one of those guys, but “I don’t mind if you think I’m a trekkie” didn’t seem like such a good title.


Star Trek Art


I’ve loved Star Trek for a long time.  My love began in the 1980’s watching re-runs of the Original series, and continued with The Next Generation in 1987.  Amusingly I read that Patrick Stewart had never watched Star Trek, and had to ask his children to explain Star Trek to him before his auditions.


I’m very knowledgeable on the subject, but by no means an uber geek with a photographic memory of everything from what colour underpants Captain Kirk wore in season two, to how to ask for a gearbox for a 1987 Vauxhall Nova in Klingon.  I just love Star Trek.  I’d probably be roundly trounced if pitted against an actual full on Trekkie on some sort of daytime quiz show, but I could probably hold my own at a convention without completely embarrassing myself.  Just don’t ask me to wear the Vulcan ears.

My love of Star Trek inspired me to create my Space Trek series of paintings and limited edition prints.  I hope you like them,  and if you wish to buy one….make it so. Ha!  Although I’m saving the “number one” edition of each print for Jonathan Frakes.

What is your favourite print?  Let me know in the comments below!


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Captain’s Chair…..because it just reminds me of my team at work


We come in peace!


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