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The Toys are back in Town Again

The Toys are back in Town Again

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Available in the following sizes/formats:-

Hand Embellished and Varnished in A1 or A2 size in a Black or White Satin Wood Frame.  This is the next best option to an original painting.  Large, stunning high impact art with a personal touch.

Print Size: A1 - (Limited Edition of 5)
Framed Size: 36in x 26in

Print Size: A2 - (Limited Edition of 10)
Framed Size: 26in x 20in

Mounted or Mounted and Framed in a Black or White Satin Wood Frame.  Smaller and more discreet where size or decoration demands something more subtle.

Print Size: A3 - (Limited Edition of 50)
Mounted Size: 20n x 16in
Mounted and Framed Size: 22.5in x 18.5in

Limited Edition of 5 A1 sized prints, 15 A2 sized prints,  and 50 A3 sized prints.  UK Delivery within 7 to 14 days.

Only 65 prints in total will be made.  5 large format hand Embellished and Varnished A1 Prints, 10 Hand Embellished and Varnished A2 Prints, and 50 Mounted/Framed A3 sized Prints.

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